Under 2 year olds and parents with children under the age of twelve FREE.
All other adults and teenagers: £5.00

Ideal wear: Long trousers / Trainers (bring spare pair of shoes to change into if ground is wet or raining) or wellies. Long sleeved tops advisable.  Waterproofs if raining.  

Here are some tips so young children can maximise their experience with us.



Pick an event on the calendar:


Every child should at least be given the opportunity to be the best they can. Increasingly, stress, financial worries, mental health issues, work commitments or family circumstances can prevent some parents from being able to do as much as they would like for their children.

No matter what your circumstances, the moment you step through our door, you and your children will be treated with equal respect and without judgement. Our purpose is to give children the tools they need to become stronger and wiser from building up levels of ‘effort’ and ‘resilience’. “Welcome to ParcoursO”

ParcoursO: Navigating over natural obstacles through the Forest, working from level one towards achieving level five.
Awards are made based on levels of effort displayed and not on achievement of each level. Effort is measured on our ‘Grit stick’.
Although as parents we like to see our children gaining rewards or receiving certificates for achievement, this reward system is of much greater value to each child.

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