What is ParcoursO?

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Not so long ago a White Stag was spotted quietly grazing in the Forest of Dean. The greed of one man took the life of this magnificent creature because the head of the stag was of great value. He killed the stag so he could make money and buy gifts for himself.

In anger the animals of the forest came together one evening and sat beneath the stars to decide what must be done.

But, as they planned their revenge on this man, the Spirit of the White Stag appeared and spoke to the animals: “You cannot join mankind in their destruction. You need instead to show how we are all part of this forest and how the trees, water, animals, insects, plants tiny and large depend on each other for survival, so that future generations of all species can be protected.

And so seven Gnomes and twelve fairies were called upon. The Gnomes became guardians of the rooms of the ten intelligences of man where in the year 2018 teachers from across the world will be called upon to help our children and parents understand the beauty and needs of the Forest of Dean.

The Gnomes are called Lingu, Logi, Musica, Natura, Spatia, Inter-tra and Cordina. In 2018 they will be joined by two more Gnomes, Pedago and Medita.

The twelve Fairies are protectors of the Forest, keeping an eye out for danger.

In 2018 there will be much going on at Mallards Pike. Through the seasons of the year birds will be returning, animals being born, plants blossoming.
We hope you will join us on our journey of respect, love, endurance of hardships, resilience and hope.

www.parcourso.com (Family Club) www.wyeventures.com (Research)

The wise Gnomes and Fairies of Mallards Pike have been so hard at work and are excited about the many adventures they have planned for families and groups in 2018. Two of the gnomes Logi and Spatia have planned a secret celebration and invite you all to join them tomorrow and Sunday 11am to 3pm at Mallards Pike. £5.00/child Adults FREE. Don’t forget to wrap up warm and wear wellies.

Running freely through natural woodland over natural obstacles, using a finger held device to find eleven points along the way and to tell the story of where you have been. Younger children love the exploring aspect and the time is irrelevant. As they get older the children – and adults, become more competitive. Many compete three or four times to beat their own time – or the course record.

Challenge one is available at present. The obstacles are very big for younger children but are equally challenging for those running at speed and who are not used to the rough terrain.

DIRECTIONS (Including from Beechenhurst – please note single car park tickets can be used on both sites)
Satnavs do not work in this area. From Parkend take the B4234 (Fancy Road) heading EAST. Do not take a turning north onto Cannop road or New road (also the B4234) but continue on Fancy Road until you reach Mallards Pike on the left hand side.

Term time:
Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays 10.00am – 4.00pm

Open 7 days/week 10.00am – 4.00pm

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